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STEEL VIPER FORCE is a blood-drenched homage to 80s and 90s action films that follows Lance Fiero, a booze-ravaged former member of Vancouver's last elite special ops team, on a quest for redemption.

Stripped of his pride and his liquor, Fiero is forced to carve out a new brand of justice on the city's drug-addled streets.

"Excuse me, I have a human to hunt."

- Lance Fiero

Scheduled for a feature-length shoot in 2014, STEEL VIPER FORCE has taken various shapes during the last two years of planning, prep, and production.
Read on to witness its evolution:

Humble Beginnings

Inspired by bargain-basement direct-to-video knock-offs, action-flick aficionados Curtis Grahauer (Executive Producer/Director) and Cameron MacLeod (Executive Producer/Writer/Lead Actor) created the first draft of STEEL VIPER FORCE in early 2011 with the firm belief that if you set your sights low enough, anything is possible.

The Teaser Scene

STEEL VIPER FORCE: The Teaser Scene Play Fiero's first on-screen appearance was in this 5 minute teaser, featuring underage drug use, a double punch out, gruesome dismemberment, and some crazy heli-shots of Vancouver.

JetskingKing Distilleries Commercial Spots

Following the Teaser Scene, we were left with a bunch of prop alcohol. And when you have prop alcohol, you might as well make alcohol commercials!

Bronco East Side Ale Bitch Pop McKay's Finest Whiskey

The Funding Campaign

We next rallied support from friends, family, casual lovers, and enthusiastic strangers with a unique message: help us financially get the film off the ground, and literally get yourself in the film.

Offering unique perks through crowd-funding site IndieGoGo such as "Name your own fight move", "Tattoo your face on a character's neck", and "Star in your own death scene", we were able to raise a modest sum to get the SVF ball rolling (and earn some press in the process).


STEEL VIPER FORCE: Rise of Fiero Play Before attempting our feature, we first tried our hands at a small chunk of it: the result was an action-packed, miniature taste of the full SVF meal.

STEEL VIPER FORCE: Rise of Fiero PosterShot in the summer of 2011, this 22-minute short was released in December of that same year (and even sneak-previewed in September alongside a Tommy Wiseau-attended screening of The Room).

Rise of Fiero was officially selected for seven film festivals across North America in 2012, and won MacLeod a very prestigious Best Actor "iFFie" ('sup InterPlay Film Festival, Fort MacMurray!!).

**Rise of Fiero will be released online this November!!!**

Download poster: low-res jpg | high-res jpg | pdf

2013 and Beyond

You might be asking, So where's the feature? Right now it exists as a killer 90-page script MacLeod has written using his mind while punching a keyboard with his fists. It is as slick as a chrome-plated 9mm and has the muscle of a '68 Camaro with a bunch of 'roided up dudes inside. Get ready: production is planned for summer 2014.

Not to leave you hungry, we've just released some new videos!

Wait till you
hear the theme song.
Heard enough?
Help make it happen.
Don't trust us?
We trust us.


For a preview of what SVF has in store, check out the videos below.
hunt-fea Play

NEW! This action-packed 22 minute short is finally online! Shot in the summer of 2011 and featuring such recognizable Vancouver faces as comedian Graham Clark, CBC Radio 3's Grant Lawrence and musician Steve Bays, Rise of Fiero was officially selected for seven film festivals across North America in 2012. [22:21]

mckay-th Play
Hunting For Human

The theme song from Rise of Fiero is an all out nuclear assault on the senses, with katana-sharp guitar shredding and non-perishable generic drum machine beats. [2:55]

mckay-th Play
JetskingKing Distilleries: McKay's Finest Whiskey

Kyles McKay's Finest Whiskey is the flagship product of JetskingKing Distilleries, and the flagship taste of your mouth. [1:43]

JetskingKing Distilleries: Bronco East Side Ale Play
JetskingKing Distilleries:
Bronco East Side Ale

The perfect booze-heavy brew to chill out with after a long day of riding your bike around on mushrooms. [0:53]

JetskingKing Distilleries: Bitch Pop Play
JetskingKing Distilleries: Bitch Pop

Get your party started with Bitch Pop, Kyles McKay's very own line of alcoholic-flavoured cider! [1:07]

STEEL VIPER FORCE: The Funding Campaign Play
SVF: The Funding Campaign

A call to action to PUMP YOU UP about our funding campaign, including a cameo by Kyles McKay wielding dangerous firearms, of course. [1:26]

STEEL VIPER FORCE: The Teaser Scene Play
SVF: The Teaser Scene

Get a taste of the action in this teaser scene shot in the spring of 2011 and featuring several of the film's superstars. [5:13]

STEEL VIPER FORCE: Announcement Trailer Play
SVF: The Announcement Trailer

Made in the early days of production and planning for SVF, Kyles first introduced the film to the world with this dy-no-mite mini trailer. [1:12]


We're not bragging, we're just warning you: these ain't no bums making this film.

We're comprised of members of Weekend Leisure, The Shots, Manhussy, Bronx Cheer, Pump Trolley Comedy, The Sunday Service and Hot Hot Heat.
Curtis Grahauer
Executive Producer / Director / Writer (Story)
Curtis is Weekend Leisure's primary director and editor, as well as one of the initial creative forces behind SVF. He's also a practicing artist, one that knows way too much about action movies. We dare to you challenge him to a straight-to-DVD trivia contest.
Cameron MacLeod
Executive Producer / Writer (Story & Screenplay) / Actor
Cam is an actor, comedian, one half of Manhussy and the comedy director of both Music Waste and the Olio Festival. You might have spotted him in The Party or as the staple host of the Hero Show at the China Cloud Theatre. He also bears a striking resemblance to our protagonist.
Christy Nyiri
Executive Producer / Production Designer
Christy is a member of Weekend Leisure and designs pretty much everything for SVF (including this site). She's also responsible for the webs/graphics of countless other projects, and enjoys power lunching and saying she's "busy".
Amber Daniels
Producer / wonder woman
The sole female component of The Shots, Amber produces things like real life tv shows, real life internet shows and lady jokes. She feels her most comfortable in a pantsuit and has never met a production she couldn't organize.
Martin Dudzik
Director of Photography
Martin is going to make our film as beautiful as he can with his magical Eastern European eye for mood lighting. He was born with a light meter in his pocket and a camera op on speed dial. BAM.
Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux
This guy! He's a member of The Shots and we've heard he's made some very popular streetball videos. He's also super good at street stunts and eating, in general.
Ang Nasiakos
Special Effects Supervisor
Ang is a member of The Shots and has recently returned to Vancouver to make pirate ship cars and movie magic. No word yet as to whether he's found what he's looking for.
Pietro Sammarco
Composer / Sound Design / Writer (Story)
Pietro is an audio genius. He's an invaluable part of Weekend Leisure and has mixed local favourites like The Party and Hunting for Human. When booming, he definitely makes sure it points straight down the throat.
Steve Bays
Actor / Music Consultant
Ever since Steve's cameo in The Jetsking King: Redux, he hasn't been able to say no to an action-movie role, nor to help produce the soundtrack. Oh yeah, he's also the lead singer of Hot Hot Heat, NBD.
Emmett Hall
Musician / Actor
Emmett is a multi-talented musician/comedian/animator who performs with the award-winning improv group The Sunday Service, as well as produces their beautiful podcast, A Beautiful Podcast. He's also the co-writer, performer and glistening biceps behind Hunting for Human.
Alex Rybalko &
Bret Fernets
Camera Department
We wondered, why settle for just one camera op? Alex is a devout lover of Canons (the brand) and whispers sweet nothings to them in Ukranian, while we were just plain lucky to have Bret emerge from a hole in Saskatoon just in time to work on SVF.
Christina Byrne
Christina follows her mother's footsteps as a makeup artist and wandered in from Mexico City to do our production. She's a grad of VFS and has been doing wonders turning comedians into hobos.
Ayma Letang
Art Director
We stuck the multitalented Ayma in charge of our wardrobe and art department. We also found out she can act so we're listing her as Kyles' understudy and stunt double.
Ryan Hennigar
Assistant Director
Ryan can write a call sheet like nobody's business while breaking down scripts left, right and centre. His idea of a fun night is slating till 4am. Or it will be shortly, anyways.
Tom Hill
Tom is a writer, comedian, and marketing man. He is handling our sponsorship campaign and many of the words on the web about the project. He's also a member of Pump Trolley Comedy and Hip.Bang! He's also also really into getting punched out.
Stephen Irving
We dragged Stephen into this project when we overheard him utter the phrases "I'm do PR" and "I think a lot of the world's problems could be solved by a group screening of Point Break" in the same breath at a bar. He also does "communication strat" and "proj management" for real companies.
Craig Anderson
Actor / Script Editor
Craig is part of the comedic duo Bronx Cheer as well as an improviser with The Sunday Service and Ghost Jail Theatre. You might recognise him from Nickelback videos or from acting alongside cheerleaders in Hellcats.
Phil Rabin
Front end developer
After a hard day of leading a programming team at a big nerdy company, Phil unwinds by seducing tennis opponents with Phish covers on his guitar. He wrote nearly all the custom javascript for this site and we can't thank him enough.

Questions Concerns Comments?

Rise of Fiero poster: low-res jpg high-res jpg pdf
2013 Press Release: 05/7/2013 [pdf]
Campaign Press Release: 08/15/2011 [pdf]
Press photos [via Flickr]
(email for highest-res versions)
Media Contact
Stephen Irving
email 778.883.5775
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